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Great Football Sunday Launch From the Field

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

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Great Football Sunday Launch!

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Great Football Sunday LaunchA team of women business owners are on a mission to end homelessness. The group, led by Cheryl McCants from Impact Consulting, has launched the Great Football Sunday™ campaign to bring awareness about the real people behind a homeless population that would overflow the seating capacity of MetLife Stadium – location of next year’s Super Bowl. Their game plan is to leverage the media spotlight and attention from Super Bowl XLVIII on the New Jersey/New York City metro area and raise over $1 million via crowdfunding for Community Solutions’ 100,000 Homes Campaign and Family Promise of Bergen County.

MetLife Stadium’s 82,000 seats approximate the number of homeless veterans, men, women and children in New York City and the State of New Jersey[1]. Statistics show that more than one in four homeless are children and more than 10,000 veterans are without homes in the metropolitan area.

“The current state of homelessness is tragic, but not irreparable,” said Cheryl McCants, principal of Impact Consulting Enterprises, a branding and strategic communication firm based in New Jersey. “If we all contributed a little, if we all pitched in just a bit, we could make a huge difference in the lives of others.”

Dubbed the “Great Football Sunday,” the effort will culminate on Super Bowl Sunday 2014 with an unprecedented event. Homeless families, veterans and community supporters will be hosted to a day of entertainment. Most homeless shelters don’t have televisions, so one of the day’s highlights will be a viewing party like no other as guests will enjoy America’s iconic game on the big screen.

The Great Football Sunday campaign is 100% designed, developed and executed by small, local, minority and/or women-owned businesses. Working with Impact Consulting are six other women-owned firms: Focus-USA, Fearless Media, Scarborough & Tweed, MarbleHill Media, Hotathon and The Mixx.

[1] According to estimates by the New York City Coalition for the Homeless and CSH, an organization that conducts an annual census of the homeless.