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RocketHub Contributors

Posted on Nov 2, 2013

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Special Thanks to our RocketHub Contributors

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Special thanks to:

Vikki Allen

Darryl Barnes

Brenda Bransom

Jenny Campbell

John Celentano

Barbara Comerford

Amy Gorelkin

John Ieni

Calvin James

Pamela Miller

Ronald McCants

Vera McCants

Michelle Mucci

Sharlene Sones

Mr. & Mrs. R. Williams

RocketHub ContributorsA team of women business owners are on a mission to end homelessness. The group, led by Cheryl McCants from Impact Consulting, has launched the Great Football Sunday™ campaign to bring awareness about the real people behind a homeless population that would overflow the seating capacity of MetLife Stadium – location of next year’s Super Bowl. Their game plan is to leverage the media spotlight and attention from Super Bowl XLVIII on the New Jersey/New York City metro area and raise over $1 million via crowdfunding for Community Solutions’ 100,000 Homes Campaign and Family Promise of Bergen County.